The eLead Speed Project and the Growing Importance of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

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The e-Leadership Trainer Accelerator (eLead Speed) project started in September 2018. Back then, we had no idea how the project would transform from an accelerator, developed primarily for educators, to an initiative of importance to a larger audience. Our everyday life, as we know it, has changed dramatically in the past two and a half months.
With so many people working and studying from home, video conferencing applications became our go-to environment. Moreover, we have been continuously witnessing a tremendous shift to online activities, for working, studying, and socializing. However, if some businesses, mainly in the tech sector, had a long-standing tradition of remote working, for others it was a shock. With schools closed, we are now conducting the biggest test of online teaching and home-schooling. Corporate learning has been on the rise as well. We are learning how to organize our day, how to work from home, and how to evolve our business to a new world where safety, quality, and trust become core values.
For us, the last couple of months have been marked not only by the societal challenges but also by the start of the capacity building effort on computer-supported collaborative learning as part of the project. However, what we have envisaged as an upskilling for professionals has shifted up its value for the participants. The outcome is also greater than what has been initially foreseen, as we have 80 highly motivated participants learning and collaborating within the framework of the capacity building. The e-Leadership Trainer Accelerator turned out to be not only a timely crafted and delivered project but also a very relevant support system for everyone involved.
For more information on the eLead Speed project, and more content, related to computer-supported collaborative learning, please visit the eLead Speed project website   and get in touch with us!
eLead Speed and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

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