Building the Next Generation of Tech Experts

ESI CEE is committed to fostering the next generation of IT professionals. Our team of senior experts collaborates with leading Bulgarian universities, including:

  • Sofia University – Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics & Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (SU FMI, SU FEBA)
  • Plovdiv University – Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (PU FMI)
  • New Bulgarian University (NBU)
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics with Bulgarian Academy of Science (IMI BAS)

Innovative Teaching Methodology

We implement innovative teaching methods, drawing on expertise from partners like Carnegie Mellon University and the SEMP Program (Software Engineering Management Program). Our approach focuses on:

  • Student-Centered Learning: Placing students at the heart of the learning experience.
  • Practical Application: Integrating real-world examples, case studies, and hands-on projects.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Aligning curriculum with e-Competence Framework (e-CF) standards and preparing students for in-demand ICT job profiles.

Our Courses

ESI CEE senior experts deliver a range of academic courses, including:

  • Models for Quality Management
  • Cyber Security and Business Resilience
  • Active Information Security
  • Strategic Planning for IT Organizations
  • Agile Methods for IT Project Management
  • Agile Management

Additionally, ESI CEE supports university professors in delivering courses such as:

  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Analysis and Design Methods
  • IT Studio Course (Practicum)
  • Leading a Development Team
  • Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals & Advanced
  • Project Management
  • Software Architectures

Mapping Education to Industry Needs

For the design of our courses and curricula, we leverage the e-Competence Framework (e-CF) as a European standard. This ensures our programs equip students with the skills and knowledge required for specific ICT job profiles. We’ve developed a unique methodology for this mapping process, which is further detailed in the research paper titled “Evaluation of ICT Curricula using European e-Competence Framework” published in the “Computer Science and Education in Computer Science” journal.

Join the Future of Technology Education

Are you a student seeking a top-notch IT education that prepares you for successful career in the industry? Are you a university looking to enhance your curriculum with industry-aligned programs? Partner with ESI CEE and empower the next generation of tech leaders. Contact us today [Contact page link] to learn more about our educational offerings.

Academic Courses Delivered by ESI CEE Senior Experts

  • Models for Quality Management @ SU FMI and PU FMI
  • Cyber Security and Business Resilience @ SU FMI, PU FMI and NBU/IMI BAS
  • Active Information Security @ SU FMI
  • Strategic planning for IT organizations @ NBU/IMI BAS
  • Agile methods for IT project management @ NBU/IMI BAS
  • Agile management @ SU FEBA

Academic Courses Led by University Professors with Support from the ESI CEE/SEMP Program

  • Information Systems Analysis and Design @ SU FMI
  • Analysis and Design Methods @ SU FMI
  • IT Studio Course (Practicum) @ SU FMI
  • Leading a Development Team @ NBU/IMI BAS
  • Personal Software Process/PSP- Fundamentals @ NBU/IMI BAS
  • Personal Software Process (PSP) – Advanced @ NBU/IMI BAS
  • Project Management @ SU FMI
  • Software Architectures @ NBU
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