Diverse Project Portfolio

ESI CEE spearheads a wide range of projects, leveraging funding from research, education, and cohesion programs of the European Commission. Our current focus lies in the critical domain of cybersecurity and resilience, helping organizations build robust defences against evolving threats.

Beyond Cybersecurity

While cybersecurity is a core strength, ESI CEE has a rich history of successful projects across various domains:

  • EducationFostering innovation through initiatives like educational robotics and telepresence.
  • Process Improvement Optimizing workflows and boosting efficiency across various sectors.
  • Information Society – Bridging the digital divide and promoting widespread access to technology.
  • Digital Inclusion Empowering individuals and communities through digital literacy programs.
  • ICT Sector Competitiveness – Supporting the growth and advancement of the information and communication technology sector within the region.
  • Technology Leadership Enabling organizations to leverage technology effectively and drive innovation.
  • Digital Entrepreneurship Cultivating a vibrant ecosystem for digital entrepreneurship and fostering the creation of successful startups.
  • Excellence Centers & Competence Hubs Establishing knowledge centres and fostering expertise in critical areas.

Global Network & Expertise

ESI CEE has cultivated a strong network of partners across Europe and beyond. Our team actively participates in and leads conference organizing committees, expert working groups, and international workshops at both EU and global levels.

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