Scrum & CMMI by Kent Johnson and David Reo

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When: February 20-21, 2013 (9:00 – 18:00) 
Where: ESI CEE Training Center in Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4, bldg.11B, floor 1
Instructors: Kent Johnson and David Reo

Scrum & CMMI: Disciplined Agile & Process Optimization – The primary goal of this interactive 2 day course is to help teams get the most out of using Agile Methods together with CMMI.  In this course “Agile attributes” will be presented and what they bring to a CMMI Implementation, “CMMI attributes” and what they bring to Agile Methods, the implications of Agile Methods on SCAMPI Appraisals, and performing Scrum Capability Assessments.  

Real-world experiences from CMMI Maturity Level 2 through 5 organizations are shared in the form of success stories, failures, and root causes. Interactive exercises are used to reinforce the concepts presented and to relate the concepts to participants’ business objectives. 

Successful participants will acquire an understanding of: 

  • How Agile Methods can improve a CMMI implementation
  • How a CMMI implementation can improve the use of Agile Methods
  • How to obtain an official CMMI Maturity Level Rating from a SCAMPI Appraisal on an organization using Agile Methods
  • How to benefit from a Scrum Capability Assessment of your organization.

Ideal for: executives, managers, project managers, team members, and process engineers in organizations developing and maintaining software-intensive systems.

The course will be delivered by Kent A. Johnson and David Reo from AgileDigm, Incorporated, partner of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Scrum Foundation, and Scrum Inc. 

For additional information and registration please call us at +359 2 489 9740; +359 897 906 431; Hristina Nikolova – Training Manager ESI Center Eastern Europe; hristina (at) esicenter (dot) bg

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