Kanban: Optimize success by David Anderson and Teodora Bozheva

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When: March 20-21, 2013 (9:00 – 18:00)
Where: ESI CEE Training Center in Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4, bldg.11B, floor 1
Instructors: David Anderson and Teodora Bozheva as co-instructor

Kanban is a lightweight method focused on visualizing the software development workflow, maintaining a steady pace of work and balancing demand and team capacity. The key benefits it brings to companies are the following ones:

  • Accelerates development
  • Strengthens the collaboration between the stakeholders in a natural way
  • Optimises resources
  • Increases product quality Kanban works both in agile and plan-driven organizations.

It requires relatively little effort to put in place and is suitable for both small and large teams. The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Moving from a “push” system (based on forecast demand) to a “pull” system (based on actual demand; Just-In-Time)
  • The importance of limiting and controlling the Work-In-Progress (WIP)
  • Identifying and resolving bottlenecks and blocking issues
  • Establishing policies that encourage self-organization and collaboration between teams
  • Metrics and control charts in Kanban
  • Reducing development cycle and multi-tasking

This course is a must for everyone who needs to rationalize project workflow, resources and management.

Ideal for: people involved in any phase of software development from the conception of the idea to its delivery to the Client – Managers, Project leaders, Team leaders, Analysts, Developers and Quality Engineers, Scrum product owners and Scrum masters who would like to extend their knowledge in agile techniques.

For additional information and registration please call us at +359 2 489 9740; +359 897 906 431; Hristina Nikolova – Training Manager ESI Center Eastern Europe; hristina (at) esicenter (dot) bg

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