Project Management with Kanban, 31 March 2017

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When: 31 March 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building and sustaining a competitive organization requires focusing on creating value for customers, developing the ability to quickly understand and respond to changing demand, and deliver products and services in the short terms and at attractive costs.

Meeting these challenges requires using agile management and team coordination practices, as well as good techniques for problem-solving and correct decision-making.

The Kanban method, used in numerous organizations, has been shown to reduce delivery times by half, as well as production and operations costs, significantly improve collaboration within and between teams, and customer satisfaction.

Objectives & benefits:

  • Obtain visibility in the real status of the ongoing work for the whole team;
  • Define correct criteria for prioritizing customer requests;
  • Resolve dependencies between projects to avoid that they impede the workflow;
  • Manage correctly interruptions and unforeseen events;
  • Reduce or eliminate waste in the workflow and, as a consequence, get work done on time and within budget;
  • Make realistic work estimation and scheduling;
  • Eliminate people overloading;

This course is a must for Project Managers, Project Management Office members, Service Managers and team members who need to reduce delivery times and costs, and become more Agile.

Topics of the course:

  • Causes for project delays, long service delivery time and extra costs (demonstrated through a simulation);
  • Principles and core practice of Agile, Lean, Kanban;
  • Visual work management;
  • Defining criteria for prioritizing unforeseen work and customer requests;
  • Agile-Lean practices for project management:
    • o Time management;
    • o Reviewing and reporting project progress;
    • o Scope management and assigning work;
    • o Communication management;
    • o Decision making;
  • Managing multiple teams;
  • How to introduce Lean Kanban Management in a classic organization;

What you get:

  • Know how to get started with Lean Management the day after the course
  • Course materials in electronic format (pdf format)
  • For public courses: Refreshments during the course and lunch
  • Berriprocess Certificate of course completion

Who should attend?
This course is useful for anyone who wants to be successful in managing their projects and appropriately involve their team members and customers. In particular, anyone who wants to:

  • Cope with project delays and long service delivery time;
  • Handle complex dependencies between projects and services;
  • Be able to manage frequent interruptions;
  • Manage well-changing demand;

In terms of roles:

  • Senior Managers, Project Managers, and team members;
  • Product Managers;
  • Service team members and Senior Managers;
  • Team Leaders, Scrum Masters;
  • Software developers and Testing professionals;
  • Process improvement Managers and team members;


It is recommended to explore the resource on Berriprocess website starting with Why Traditional Management Fails in a Dynamic Context.

Confirm your interest, book your place or ask for any questions concerning registration and further details at via (at) esicenter (dot) bg or +359 2 4899740 – Violeta Kyurdyan

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