ECHO EWS and Hackathon

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20+ bright Echo experts gathered for the second time to summarize the extraordinary innovation results of the project, with the ECHO Early Warning System in focus this time. Exciting findings and outcomes of the ECHO Challenge and Hackathon will be published soon – stay tuned!

ECHO EWS and Hackathon

ECHO intends to raise awareness of the need for cybersecurity amongst EU citizens and better-inform them of potential threats and best practices. The project will also provide innovative solutions to Governmental cyber issues, aid detection of cyberattacks, better combat them, and improve response times in order to reduce their impact and ensure the safety of democratic decision-making. The industry will be educated on why and how to protect themselves and their customers against the potential loss of data or money, helping to consolidate their reputation and position in the market.

The following systems and assets will be delivered through the project:

  • The ECHO Early Warning System (E-EWS) – provides a mechanism for partners to share incidents, trends and other relevant cybersecurity data to trusted partners within the network of cybersecurity competence centers;
  • The ECHO Federated Cyber Range (E-FCR) – provides realistic environments for conducting experimentation, exercises, research, and prototype testing, enables the combination of multiple scenarios from different content providers, and a focal point for training and expertise.
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