Balkan Venture Forum (BkVF)

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The Balkan Venture Forum is an investment forum, which aims to present the best Balkan entrepreneurs and innovators to an audience of prestigious international and regional investors and strategic partners. The BkVF will organize a Pitching Competition that will give the chance to the 30 selected companies to present their ventures to the inventors.

The Balkan Venture forum will be promoted as the European Venture Contest Semi Final, the winners of which will be invited to the final event – the European Venture Summit. It is a paramount to any company, entrepreneur and/or innovator from the Balkans with and identified market and high growing potential, looking to promote their business ventures, attract inventors and learn about the latest investment trends.

The Balkan Venture Forum will entail:

  • Discussion session on investment trends and market opportunities
  • Presentation of entrepreneurs/innovators to investors, including pitching competition
  • Matchmaking meetings between entrepreneurs and investors
  • Emphasis on innovative technologies for global growth
  • World‐class speakers and discussion panels on investment trends and market opportunities

The event is organized by Balkan Unlimited in partnership with Crimson Capital and Europe Unlimited. The organizers aim to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe and the region, as well as to promote economical and cultural connections and accelerate the regional progress in the sphere of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Balkan Venture Forum will take place in Skopje, Macedonia on the 18th and 19th of April. For more information and registration, please visit:

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