Autumn 2012 schedule of trainings at ESI CEE

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The autumn 2012 calendar of trainings at ESI CEE is featuring the following courses and workshops:

  • Leading a Development Team (TSP/PSP) – 3 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Wed, 10 Oct – Fri, 12 Oct)
  • Workshop on Resilience Management (CERT-RMM) – 1 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Thu, 25 Oct)
  • Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals – 5 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Mon, 12 – Fri, 16 Nov)
  • Mind Maps & Creative Business Thinking – 1 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Thu, 29 Nov)
  • Introduction to CMMI for Development v.1.3 – 3 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Wed, 5 – Fri, 7 Dec)
  • Strategy Development for IT organizations Workshop – 1 – day, 9:00-18:00 (Wed, 12 Dec)

The courses will be held in ESI CEE Training Center in Sofia, Business Park Sofia (Mladost 4), bldg.11B, fl.1.

ESI CEE can deliver tailored in-company versions of the courses, as well as design and facilitation of qualification programs. All courses will be presented in English by accredited or SEI-certified instructors with considerable experience in training, coaching and practical implementation.

Upon successful completion of a course attendees will receive a certificate from the European Software Institute CEE. For registration and more detailed information, please contact: Hristina Nikolova (ESI CEE Training Manager), hristina (at) esicenter (dot) bg or +359 2 4899740

Leading a Development Team – a 3-day course of SEI, based on the original Watts Humphrey’s PSP/TSP, designed to teach first-line managers or team leaders how to manage projects quantitatively in order to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with all requirements met. The course covers the knowledge and skills leaders need to effectively lead and coach development teams. –

Workshop on Resilience Management (CERT-RMM) – 1-day training introducing the new Resilience Management Model of CERT at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI, Carnegie Mellon). RMM is not “yet another model”, but a comprehensive and complete reference model or framework to help the organizations in maintaining the security, IT operations and business continuity in a converged manner and without creating additional bureaucratic burden. It ensures the major multi-standard compliances and certifications, through unified enterprise policy and optimized resources and investments.. The examples provided and practical exercises on RMM scoping for small-mid size organizations, for sectors like banking & finances, public services, as well as international collaboration and international policies based on it will enable the participants to identify the real benefits and the suitable approach for their organizations. –

Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals – 5-day course teaching software engineers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the PSP, a process-based approach for developing software. Students who complete the course will be able to apply the PSP methods to their own personal work process and participate on a Team Software Process (TSP) team. Students learn how to measure and analyze their personal software process, use process data to improve their personal performance, and apply PSP methods to other structured tasks. –

Mind Maps & Creative Thinking – 1–day workshop in which participants will learn how to create mind maps, how to apply them in business and how to generate new ideas and reach creative solutions. A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that facilitates structuring of information, helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Developed by Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping is now widely recognized as the single most effective and versatile thinking and creativity tool and is used throughout the world. The workshop will be presented by the first ThinkBuzan licensed instructors in Bulgaria, experts in creativity and mind mapping. For more information please visit

CMMI for Development v.1.3 – 3-day course introducing managers and practitioners, appraisal team members, and process improvement teams to CMMI fundamental concepts. The CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) model is a model that helps organizations to improve their ability to develop and maintain quality products and services. Ideal for project managers, product developers, software and service engineers, process implementers, appraisal team members, and anyone interested in learning about CMMI-DEV. –

Strategy Development for IT organizations Workshop – 1-day workshop discussing the strategy development process for IT organization as a first step towards translation of an organization’s strategy into objectives and measures that drive the effective operational management. The workshop content is based on the Kaplan-Norton Execution Premium Process (XPP) but is especially adapted to the needs of the ICT Sector using the ESI CEE Balanced IT Scorecard (BITS) methodology. Together with Strategy Development which is the main focus of the workshop an extensive overview of XPP will be covered including the basic concepts of the subsequent steps in XPP: translate the strategy, align the organization, plan operations, monitor and learn, and test and adapt.

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