World Summit Awards Shortlists Innovative Bulgarian Projects for 2023!

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In an era where challenges are as global as solutions, the focus on positive societal impact, ethical entrepreneurship, and global collaboration is more crucial than ever. The World Summit Awards (WSA), a unique platform promoting digital innovation for societal betterment, has just unveiled its 2023 shortlist of candidates. This list aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, showcasing 136 projects from 60 countries, each contributing significantly to social advancement. Among these, Bulgaria has made a remarkable entry with three innovative projects.


  1. BeVine: Revolutionizing vineyard management, BeVine is a cloud-based decision support system leveraging real data from professional metro stations. TBevine is also one of the winners of the Science with a Future competition’s second edition, launched by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, where the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe participated as an administrative coordinator and technological mentor for the approved applications. Find out more about BeVine.
  2. Taratanci: Blending culture with technology, Taratanci is an augmented reality mobile game that makes Bulgarian folk dances accessible and fun. This innovative approach to cultural preservation is available for all to experience. Discover Taratanci.
  3. CheckPointCardio: In the realm of healthcare, CheckPointCardio stands out with its remote monitoring medical solution. It measures a wide range of vital signs in real-time and transmits them to medical professionals, ensuring care beyond borders. Learn more about CheckPointCardio.


These projects, while shortlisted, are yet to compete for the final accolade. The WSA Grand Jury meeting in Hyderabad, India, scheduled for February 14-18, 2024, will see 26 Grand Jurors selecting the 40 winners of the WSA 2023. The chosen projects will then be presented at the WSA GLOBAL CONGRESS in Los Lagos/Puerto Varas, Patagonia, Chile, from April 14-17, 2024.


This inclusion in the shortlist is not just a recognition of the outstanding quality and potential of these projects but also a beacon of hope and inspiration for future innovators. As the world watches, Bulgaria’s brightest minds are set to shine on the global stage.


The WSA’s recognition of these Bulgarian projects underlines the growing importance of digital solutions in addressing global challenges. As we await the final results, let’s keep our fingers crossed for these local innovators, hoping they earn their spotlight at the global congress. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey to making a global impact.


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