The Third Newsletter of the Be@CyberPro Project is Here

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The Be@CyberPro Project’s third newsletter is now out! Read up on the latest news from our project with this third issue of the Be@CyberPro Project. Click on the picture below to go to the official website of the project, where you can download the third newsletter in one of the four project languages – Spanish, English, Bulgarian and Hungarian!


An image saying 'Third Issue' of the Be@CyberPro Project. Clicking on                         it, it will lead you to the Be@CyberPro website, where you can download the                         third newsletter in four languages.


The Be@CyberPro Project aims to foster cybersecurity as a career choice among high school students. To do this, the project consortium will develop and pilot a dedicated learning platform, containing sets of learning materials and inspirational content (videogame and videos) in English, Spanish, Hungarian and Bulgarian. Separate sets of materials will be developed for students, teachers (and schools), and parents.


Be@CyberPro is a 2 year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Project Consortium:


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