The Registration for Bulgarian Web Awards is open until 11th of June 2013, 12:00 pm

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All web studios, digital and advertising agencies, media and business representatives are invited to take part in the anniversary edition of the professional competition for web content. Applications can be submitted on until 11th (Tuesday) of June 2013, 12:00 pm.

The contest is divided into 4 groups and each of them has the following categories:

I. Branch Awards

  1. Public administration and non-government organizations;
  2. Health and social work;
  3. Culture, art, science and education;
  4. Entertainment and leisure;
  5. Production and trade;
  6. Construction, architecture, real estate, interior;
  7. ICT;
  8. Tourism, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants;
  9. Services and consultations;
  10. Finance and Insurance;
  11. Food and Beverages;

II. Media Awards

  1. News, business, analysis;
  2. Lifestyle;
  3. Regional media;
  4. Sport;
  5. Technologies (new);
  6. Bulgarian media abroad (new);

III. Professional Awards

  1. Graphics and design;
  2. Functional design and usability;
  3. Portfolio;
  4. Projects with complex implementation;
  5. Innovative project;
  6. Mobile website;
  7. Mobile application;
  8. Best corporate or product website;
  9. Online shop (new);
  10. Start-up;
  11. Responsive design (new);
  12. Single page web site (new);

IV. Marketing Awards.

  1. Comprehensive online;
  2. Banners;
  3. Rich media and non-standard/custom banners;
  4. Video for web (new);
  5. Campaign in social networks;
  6. Landing page (new);

The winners will be awarded material prizes, ensured by the sponsors.

Official sponsor is SuperHosting.BG

Silver sponsor is Information Services Plc

Material sponsors: One Travel Ltd, Shark, Guliver Photos, representative of Getty Images and Thinkstockphotos for Bulgaria, HermesSOFT Ltd and EasyAds. Bulgarian Web Awards is supported by: BASSCOM, Foundation “Bulgarian Cluster for Information and Communication Technologies”, BAIT, Astel, IAB Bulgaria, ESI Center Eastern Europe, National Council for Selfregulation (NCSR), Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA), Foundation “BG site”.

Official media partners are: Darik Web, eAcademy,,,, bTV and

Media partners are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

We are looking forward to receiving your applications. You can find more information about the Bulgarian Web Awards on ,,

For any assistance or additional information, please contact Preslava Koleva, Technical assistant at:info (at) bwa (dot) bg; tel: 02 9166815, 9522227, 0886 700377.

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