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  • m-Environment & Health – ICT as a tool for solving burning issues in fields of  health, environment, and energy efficiency of the economy.

    SmartBirds  is an identification guide to 269 breeding bird species in Bulgaria and an electronic diary for birdwatchers.

  • m-Learning & Education – solutions for the training needs of different groups; creating active communities and solutions for corporate training and lifelong learning; widening access to scientific knowledge and resources.

    Talkie is foreign languages education app for preschool kids that uses voice recognition and Text to speech engine to interact with kids. Talkie is gamified, easy, fully interactive and affordable tool that helps preschool kids to learn foreign languages.

  • m-Entertainent & Lifestyle – digitized entertainment products and services.

    Forward is a random content discovery application. It allows users to randomly share and discover content with others around the world, anonymously. Why? Because the web started out as a place for free expression where there were no barriers or roadblocks. Over time, the increasing personalisation of the web (information ranked, filtered or sorted based on your past behaviour and social connections) has slowly erected barriers in the form of isolation. We want to change that with Forward. We want to bring back the essence of the web for a new, social generation. 

  • m-Tourism & Culture – presentation of cultural heritage in accordance with the challenges of the future; access of tourists to up to date information; allowing hotel industry to address customers more easily.

    Hotels 4D is a top app in its category. Hotels 4D has a fresh and simple approach to hotel discovery. The focus is finding the right hotel at the location most convenient for you. The magic happens on an interactive map through quick search and live results filtering. Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and web, Hotels 4D offers a hotel database of over 850,000 hotels worldwide and a number of deals for any given location. Our goal is to create a home for all hotels in the world!

  • m-Media & News – using ICT to the report the news and present the news.

    pCloud is a service, which provides just the right amount of online cloud storage to our clients. But more than that, we deliver an  exceptional experience to those, who decide to choose us instead of the competition. We do that by providing some of the best features a cloud storage service can bring to the market. With pCloud, our clients never have to worry about anything related to their files as we do our absolute best to ensure quick, easy and safe usage on any mobile device. Our main value resides in the user friendly service only we provide. We take pride in pCloud users and aim to make their experience as more joyous as possible. We are here, because we save our clients time, effort and money.

  • m-Business & Commerce – maintenance and optimization of business processes; creating new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce; supporting SMEs  in the market; using ICT for buying and selling, customer service, collaboration with partners.

    mobb is a secure mobile payment platform operated by BORICA – BANKSERVICE AD. The mobb partners are banks issuing cards and merchants accepting payments. mobb allows the card owners to make payments and use other information services (Balance, Last 5 transactions) through their mobile phones. mobb allows you to register several cards issued by different banks. A unique feature is to lock and unlock their cards through the app. This feature is an additional layer of security over the existing ones. With mobb you useres benefit from: – Faster and more secure online payments; – Ability to lock and unlock your cards; – Real time overview of your funds; – Ability to send money at any time.

  • m-Inclusion & Empowerment –  supporting integration in the global information society; reducing the ‘digital divide’ between societies; promoting civil society;

    GPS/Personal Locator is service that allows localization and tracking of children, elderly people with health issues, mobile groups, personnel, tourists, athletes, and many others.

2014 is the mobile edition of the competition (World Summit Award mobile) dedicated to the selection and promotion of the best m-content and innovative applications. The competition is held with the assistance of the World Summit of the United Nations on the Information Society (The World Summit on the Information Society WSIS) for 10 years now.

In August and September 2014, a jury of 50 international experts will select the best five products in each of the eight categories. In February 2015 the 40 best applications will be invited to a Global Congress in Abu Dhabi, where they will be able to:

  • Compete for the prestigious international award. 
  • Meet potential customers and partners. 
  • Share knowledge and experience with leading experts and competitiors. 

The team of ESI Center Eastern Europe is working for the organization of Europe’s first regional cup, aiming to present and promote the best of Eastern Europe’s digital content.  

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