The new challenges in ICT sector gather ICT professionals from Eastern Europe in Kosovo

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KosICT Conference, 27-28 September 2012

Hotel Emerald, Prishtina

At the end of September 2012 Prishtina will gather ICT professionals and practitioners from Western Balkans and EU countries. The regional conference intends to cover the global trending topics of ICT sector – Information Society, Social Media and Business Development, Mobile Solutions, Innovative Business Models, e-Governance and many others. ESI Center Eastern Europe, Kosovo ICT Association (STIKK,) Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) and L.T.I. are among the initiators of the regional ICT meeting. The European Union Office in Kosovo co-funds the event under the Kosovo Economic Development through Quality and Networking (KEDQN) project. 

Social media and innovative ICT models for business development and state governance, involvement of citizens/ customers in product/ service design, ICT quality management in solution/ service supply, digital security and added value of mobile applications are some of the topics that will be discussed. The conference will be a platform for companies and organizations of the region to report and share their experience in using ICT for improving the quality of services and products for end-customers, and to raise the awareness about the need of the complete cycle of services that business and government should provide to citizens.   

Contributions will cover the practical aspects of innovative business model development and e-governance services, including case studies and experience of practitioners in the area of: 

  • International experience in e-governance planning and implementation
  • Information society development on different administrative levels
  • Information security 
  • ICT solutions for increasing the productivity and value for the business
  • Best practices in e-Content, multimedia and creativity in ICT use
  • Different applications of mobile solutions
  • ICT enabled innovations in business modeling 

More information here The conference will be complemented by B2B meetings (on the 28th of September), as a follow-up of the conducted in Bulgaria ICT B2B meeting (June 2012) in terms of establishment and development of business cooperation between companies from Eastern European region, enhancing the existing IT business networks; increase of the IT services and products trade; exploration of investment opportunities and development of joint ventures, etc. The B2B will take place at the Innovation Center Kosovo.

Express today your interest to join and support this exciting event – contact ESI Center Bulgaria or STIKK Kosovo Economic Development through Quality and Networking project

The project is being implemented by ESI Center Eastern Europe in partnership with LTI and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM). It aims to improve the capacity of the ICT sector in Kosovo in quality management – consistency of company management, manufacturing management and security management.

The goal of the project is to support both the ICT companies and public organizations (municipalities and state authorities) in Kosovo to gain more competitive assets on the national and international markets through improvement the quality of the products and services provided to citizens and end customers. ICT professionals and managers are being trained how to manage the customers’ requirements, work processes, ratio investments: incomes (RoI), risks, resources, projects etc. Since the intensive ICT use in all economic and social areas is a key factor for the creation of a Knowledge Economy, the improvement of the capacity of the ICT industry (public and private) will affect positively on the entire economic environment in Kosovo and support the Information Society development.

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