The European Cybersecurity Summer Hub

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The Cyber Security Hub was a participatory online debate on European and global cyber security policy which took place virtually, on June 10-11, 2020. The Hub sought to kick-start the conversation around Europe’s Security Union and its cyber security policy, and more broadly around the role cyber will play in Europe’s drive for greater digital sovereignty.

One of the speakers at the conference was the ECHO Project Coordinator, Wim Mees at the session of Cyber Ranges: Cyber ranges towards a federated approach. Wim Mees is a professor at the Royal Military Academy, where he teaches courses on cybersecurity, and leads the Cyberdefense Research Laboratory. He is furthermore the Belgian representative in the NATO Science and Technology Organisation’s (STO) Information Systems Technology (IST) panel.

Wim has coordinated numerous Horizon 2020 programmes, European Defense Agency, European Space Agency and National Security Authority and national Defense research projects. He is currently coordinating the H2020 ECHO research project that builds a European network of cyber competence centres in order to contribute to the strategic cyber autonomy of the EU.

In light of the different ongoing initiatives (EDA, ECHO, etc) and of the currently increasing digital transformation, this session discusses the motivations to federate/connect cyber ranges at the European level and understand what added value would this bring to the cybersecurity community. Can we envisage a cyber ranges marketplace to ensure the availability of resources to conduct training for staff, R&D, etc, and allow all cyber ranges to come together and connect with one another?

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