Software Engineering meets in Sofia – EuroMed & CEE SPI Joint conference

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18 – 19 October 2010, Hilton-Sofia, Bulgaria

In October 2010 Sofia will become the meeting point for software and IT professionals. Two international conferences will join together this year: the 4th edition of CEE-SPI conference (Central Eastern Europe – Software Process Improvement, a Kugler Maag CIE conference) and EuroMed SPI, an European Software Institute (ESI) conference in collaboration with Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The conference is hosted by the European Software Institute – Center Bulgaria. The DEADLINE for submission of abstracts and tutorials is 30 June 2010. Submission of final presentation materials by: September 15th, 2010.

The call for papers is available here .

Latest updates here: Check and download updated conference program & materials!

The current challenges software development and IT services companies are facing and a variety of possible solutions and opportunities for the future are some of the topics in the agenda. This will be a forum for companies and organizations of the region to report and share their experiences in improving their software process capabilities, and to raise the awareness about the need for professional, mature processes as a key competitive advantage.

Contributions should be related to the practical aspects of software process improvement, include real case studies and innovative solutions, and cover the following aspects:

  • Process Improvements in Times of Crisis and after Crisis
  • Getting Started with Software Process Improvement
  • Competitiveness initiatives for the IT sector
  • Process Improvement of Development, Acquisition and Services
  • Industry Models and Standards (CMMI-DEV, CMMI-ACQ, CMMI-SVC, IT Mark, ISO 15504, Automotive-SPICE, ITIL)
  • SPI and SMEs
  • Integration of process frameworks, quality standards and agile methods
  • IT Governance and Process Improvement
  • Measurement, Return on Investment
  • High Maturity
  • Techniques for software product lines
  • Processes for embedded systems development
  • Human factors and Tools

Links: 4th edition of CEE-SPI conference (Central Eastern Europe – Software Process Improvement) EuroMed SPI

20 October 2010, Hilton, Sofia Sofia IT: USAID/RCI Regional IT Quality Workshop

The 2 “technical” days will be complemented by the next Sofia IT workshop of the Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI) – USAID Europe and Eurasia Bureau’s Economic Growth Office (EE/EG).

The workshop will update on “Building a Sustainable Regional ICT Training and Certification Network” defined a year ago. It will report on the regional IT network and collaboration practices, IT support to business, and IT quality services.

Special focus will be on how the world top-quality technologies and methodologies are introduced and supported in the region by USAID national projects, RCI and other donor organizations and programs. It is the unique opportunity to gather USAID and other IT focused programs with the top professionals and leading companies from the region. The event will also begin the discussion on the overall regional IT competitiveness and brand, by looking into the Regional IT Network for excellence, innovation, business and policy.

Express today your interest to join and support these 3 amazing days in Sofia – contact ESI Center Bulgaria

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