LEAN in Depth by Teodora Bozheva, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

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When: 13-14 Nov, 2013 (9:00 – 18:00)
Where: ESI CEE e-Competence Center in Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4, bldg.11B, floor 1
Instructor: Teodora Bozheva, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean in Depth – Nowadays there is abundant information on Lean. Lots of organizations, in different domains, have achieved success applying it; for others repeating the book recipe has not worked so well. Driving the road to Lean is a process of individual discovery for the organization and requires a good understanding of what Lean is and what is not, how to define and put together the proper organization’s Lean-based principles, methods and tools, and how to continually evolve them.

This course will give you a clear and pragmatic insight into the following Lean-related themes:

  • Operation of the two management systems: the one based on “resource efficiency” and the opposite one based on “flow efficiency”;
  • The efficiency paradox: what it consists of, and why the flow efficiency leads to higher productivity and quality – Fundamental process laws (Little’s, bottleneck, variation) and how to use them to avoid detours and effectively resolve impediments in the workflow.
  • What Lean is not
  • How to put together the Lean values, principles, methods and tools into a successful organization-wide initiative and how to manage it
  • What a business case for a Lean initiative consists of

The acquired knowledge is applicable to any business, although the course will get deepest into the software development domain.

Objectives At the end of the course the participant will have the following knowledge and capabilities:

  • Define a value stream
  • Measure the efficiency of the workflow
  • Understand the efficiency paradox and how to resolve it
  • Identify waste in the workflow
  • Manage the workflow applying the Little’s, bottleneck and variation laws
  • Essence of Lean Thinking and culture
  • Manage an organizational Lean transformation


  • Resource efficiency vs. workflow efficiency focus
  • Universal process laws: Little, bottleneck, variation
  • The efficiency paradox
  • Lean basic concepts: Jidoka, Just-In-Time, Pull, Kanban, Muda, Perfection, and the wide variety of Lean principles defined in the literature
  • Lean foundation: values, principles, methods and tools
  • Managing an organizational transition to Lean

Ideal for: Managers and Team members, interested in:

  • Organizing the work as to deliver customer value as quickly as possible
  • Identifying rapidly and resolving workflow bottlenecks and impediments
  • Seeing and eliminating waste in the value stream
  • Strengthening learning from experience at all organizational levels
  • Accelerating notably project development and services
  • Continually improving company’s results

And anyone who wants to get a deep understanding of Lean, in order to apply it correctly and gain real benefits

Instructor: Teodora Bozheva, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Teodora is a qualified professional in Software and IT Six Sigma, Software Process Improvement (SPI) and Project Management. She is Six Sigma Black Belt trained and certified by Systonomy. Teodora applies Kanban principles and practices, Lean Six Sigma and other models to integrate the organization’s processes in an efficient and manageable workflow. Teodora has strong experience in teaching professional courses in the IT domain. She is authorized by the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Melon University, to teach CMMI courses. Additionally, Teodora conducts workshops and seminars on different subjects in the software and IT field: Kanban, Measurement and Analysis, Project Management, Requirements Engineering. Teodora is based in Bilbao, Spain.

The training is part of the Lean – Kanban Week organized by ESI CEE.

Special offer: If you register for both Lean and Kanban trainings you’ll get 15% off the price for Kanban.

For additional information and registration please call +359 2 489 9740; +359 897 906 431 – Hristina Nikolova – Training Manager, ESI Center Eastern Europe, or write to: hristina (at) esicenter (dot) bg

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