Kanban Training Courses in October 2019

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KU certified training

Book your seat at our certified Kanban University training courses in October:



You will learn the methodology and practical use of Kanban to work effectively within a team as well as across teams. Participants have the opportunity to share and work on practices directly applicable to their teams and organizations.


For training agendas follow the links below:




For more information and to register, please contact Ivaylo Gueorguiev, ivo@nullesicenter.bg, +359888919088.


Kanban is an Agile method designed to gradually and seamlessly transform organizations into adaptable, efficient, and customer-oriented teams. Workflow visualization practices, focusing on the optimal number of tasks, and continuous improvement of work help teams adapt to changing customer and business needs, reduce delivery time, manage dependencies on other groups, and make optimal use of available resources. Kanban is also applicable and useful in teams that use different frameworks and workflow management models such as Scrum, PMBOK, Lean, CMMI, and others.


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