IT Mark certification put into practice

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Three Bulgarian companies have started its IT Mark certification. From 20 February to 12 April 2006 the first level assessment have been applied in BIANOR Services, Multiprocessor Systems and NEMETSCHEK Bulgaria.

IT Mark is developed by the International consortium of ESI Centers of Excellence and aims to provide software businesses with means to enhance their business, information security management and software development processes.

BIANOR Services, Multiprocessor Systems and NEMETSCHEK Bulgaria have demonstrated good results in all three parts – business – excellent performance for every business category; security – Level 1 according to ISO 17779; software processes CMMI®  Maturity Level 2 SCAMPI Class C appraisal.  The three companies have obtained the IT Mark grade.

The next step for the companies is the IT Mark Premium certification, that includes higher requirements for business and security parts and Class B appraisal for CMMI® level 2 of software processes.

The assessment was conducted by ITmark appraiser from European Software Institute and by local ESI Center Bulgaria ITMark appraisers.

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