Introduction to practical cryptography for IT specialists (30 June)

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As a software developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer or quality assurance specialist, you are responsible for the security, trustworthiness and safety of the software you create. This makes cryptography knowledge, at least at a basic level, an essential implement for protecting information and ensuring the integrity of your product.


In this course, you will obtain a basic command of the foundations of cryptography, as well as on how to correctly apply this knowledge in your work and projects.


Introduction to practical cryptography for IT specialists is a great warm-up for this year’s edition of CryptoBG International Summer School in Cryptology and Cyber-Resilience and makes for a perfect foundation for those who would like to attend other courses, organized by the CyResLab of ESI CEE, such as “Top 10 Web Threats”.


When: 30 June 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria


The “Introduction to practical cryptography for software specialists” course will provide you with the necessary, but quite commonly overlooked foundations, of information security, and in particular, cryptography. Together, we will examine different cryptographic primitives along with strategies on where and how to apply them. Moreover, this course will provide you with a strong foundation on symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, cryptographic hashes and establish the baseline on their proper application and combination.


Finally yet importantly, this course will demonstrate why strong cryptography will still fail you if used improperly.


The “Introduction to practical cryptography for software specialists” course includes free access to an interactive online exercise environment for one week, following the course’s completion.


Objectives: The main objectives of this course are to provide participants with good understanding of: – common applications and protocols – proper application of cryptographic primitives – common developer mistakes related to cryptography and mitigation tactics


Prerequisites: a good level of digital fluency and interest in software security * If signing up for this course, consider enrolling in the “Top 10 Web Threats” course, scheduled for July 3, 2017.


Ideal for: This course is intended for software developers, system administrators and DevOps engineers but will also be of benefit to QA testers.


Instructor/s: Professionals from ESI CEE’s Cyber Resilience Lab (CyResLab), partner of Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.


Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate from ESI CEE.


Confirm your interest to book your place or contact us for any questions concerning registration and further details at tina (at) esicenter (dot) bg or +359 883 421 983 – Christina Todorova

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