Interested in Learning the Fundamentals of Information Security? Join us For a Free Pilot Training in March 2023!

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If you are curious to learn the fundamentals of information security through examples and interactive exercises, we are happy to invite you to join us for the free pilot cybersecurity fundamentals course for university students on March 20-23, 2023. Led by George Sharkov and Christina Todorova from the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe and Cybersecurity Lab at Sofia Tech Park, this course will equip you with the beginnings of approaching information security within the context of an organizational setting, but with practical tips to transfer it your personal life in digital space.


Not only will you learn valuable information about cybersecurity, but you will also enhance your understanding of the field and its complexities, as well as common strategies when approaching cybersecurity and information security. 


What you will learn:


  • Understand the fundamentals of information security management.
  • Have a working understanding of the many aspects of IT security.
  • Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pursue more advanced training in information security.
  • Understand how to approach protecting yourself or your business.


This course is part of the ICT Skills project, which is focused on providing innovative skills for ICT, life, and business in accordance with European Union directives. The project is a collaboration between three European universities, and aims to provide educational materials for Business Skills, Life Skills, and ICT Skills for both university students and educators.


To enrol click  here.


With initiatives like this one, we hope to enhance the learning experience for university students and provide opportunities for growth and development.


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