First CMMI Level 3 certification in Bulgaria

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ESI Center Eastern Europe (EE) has finished the first implementation of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 in Bulgaria. Musala Soft is the first ICT company in the country certified for its maturity and established, identified and documented policies and practices, that can be improved during future periods.

The corporative management which ensures sustainability to the company is the core element of CMMI Level 3. For Musala Soft this certificate is part of the ICT Competitiveness Pyramid “climbing” – the systematic program of ESI Center EE, endorsed by the USAID/RCI project, and being implemented already in more than 10 countries of the region. 

The Musala Soft is the good example how synergy could work. The commitment of the company management and the understanding how important the long term investments in quality are for the competitiveness of the company resulted in the Level 3 certification. More, this step from Level 2 to Level 3 is achieved by the company only for a year and a half.    

On the other hand, the efforts, made by ESI Center EE, as well as with the financial support of the donor programs USAID (RCI, VEGA BTD), GTZ and EBRD BAS, many software companies in the region have improved their software processes and reached higher levels of quality.

Around 150 companies in EE passed the base of the Competitiveness pyramid. A score or so reached the second level – Increased competitiveness.

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