“European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations (ECHO) project launch

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ESI CEE is part of ECHO project. ECHO will prepare the ground for the Cybersecurity Competence Network in EU. It is one of four Pilot projects, launched by the European Commission, to establish and operate a Cybersecurity Competence Network.  Amid keynote presentations from supporting representatives of EU agencies and industry, the project was officially launched at the Conference Hall of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, on February 25th, 2019

ECHO                         Project Logo The  project will deliver an organized and coordinated approach to strengthen proactive cyber defence in the EU, through effective and efficient multi-sector collaboration. 

ESI CEE is among the 30 partners from the East to the West of Europe. The project consortium i actively engaging new partners interested to contribute to the cybersecurity resilience of the EU and in reaching the collaboration goals.

Through the project, the ECHO partners will develop, model and demonstrate a network of cybersecurity research and competence, with a centre of research and competence at the hub.  While technology companies struggle with a fragmented view of security requirements across industrial sectors and fragmented national policies for security test and certification, the ECHO project will contribute an adaptive model for information sharing and collaboration among the network of partners and related agencies.

More info at ECHO project website.

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