European Cyber Security Month (ESCM)

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This October, as a part of the activities dedicated to the European Cyber Security Month (ESCM), the CyResLab (Cyber Resilience Lab) of ESI CEE is launching a special set of cyber security-related courses, targeted to SME’s software developers, designers, application and system engineers. This is the technical layer of the general lines of ESI CEE in the fields of Security by Design, Cyber Resilience, Privacy by Default and Secure Coding.

Introduction to Mobile Security – iOS
A technical course, targeted to iOS developers who understand Objective-C, but have no particular experience in iOS security.
Introduction to Mobile Security – Android
Tailored to Android developers who have a deep understanding of the Java programming language and the Android platform, this course is suitable for those who have no particular experience in Android security.

These courses are focused on introducing developers to the basics of iOS/Android applications’ security and the basic threats and vulnerabilities they should be aware of when designing and coding such applications.

Since the last decade, cyber-security, online safety and resilience against cyber threats have become a key business priority. Protecting your company and yourself in the context of the more and more sophisticated cyber-attacks, as well as the integration of a general strategy for protection, reaction, management, and recovery from threats have become a paramount and a challenge.

The objectives of the European Cyber Security Month are:

generate general awareness about cyber security, which is one of the priorities identified in the EU Cyber Security Strategy;
generate specific awareness on Network and Information Security (NIS), which is addressed in the proposed NIS Directive;
promote safer use of the Internet for all users;
build a strong track record to raise awareness through the ECSM;
involve relevant stakeholders;
increase national media interest through the European and global dimension of the project;
enhance attention and interest with regard to information security through political and media coordination.

To learn more about the European Cyber Security Month, please visit the official web page of the campaign. You can also check out the cyber-security related courses, services and initiatives of ESI CEE here.

Cyber security is a shared responsibility. STOP.THINK.CONNECT.

See also the National Cyber Security Month in the United States.

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