ESI Center Bulgaria with own contribution to a Handbook of Research on Transformational Government

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What Enabled Transformational Government means? What a Government needs at a strategic level? Balanced Scorecard Approach is the very short answer. The detailed one is – strategic maps for planning and presenting the strategy and creating a system of performance measures for the goals in a number of perspectives. This, according to Ivaylo Gueorguiev, Program Manager of the ESI Center Bulgaria, can ensure a foundation for effective management system of the transformational government at a strategic level.

But all the details you can find in Chapter XVIII: Measurement of Transformational Government Strategies Using Balanced Scorecard Approach, whose author is Ivaylo Gueorguiev. The chapter presents a conceptual model for using Balanced Scorecard approach in order to improve the effectiveness of the Transformational Government strategies.

The Handbook of Research on ICT-Enabled Transformational Government: A Global Perspective has been published by IGI Global, USA. The book content and a short summary of the Chapter could be found at: Transformational Government: A Global Perspective .

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