ESI Center Bulgaria “opens the door” for the Japan SPI market

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In the middle of the summer on July 15, ESI Center Bulgaria was invited to present its activities in front of Japan Software Process Improvement Consortium (JASPIC). About 30 JASPIC members representing various companies, like Toshiba, Hitachi, NTT, attended the presentation “Software Process Improvement (SPI) in Eastern Europe – Specific approach toward world recognized software quality for clusters of companies.” 

This group of the main SPI promoters, SCAMPI Lead Appraisers, CMMI instructors, in Japan got acquainted with the ESI Center Bulgaria experience, strategy and activities in the Eastern Europe region. Amongst the accents in the presentation were the activities aiming to support CMMI implementation in SMEs through ITMark model, the Cluster projects, the ICT Competitiveness Pyramid and the success case studies. 

The main questions asked during the discussion were why companies in the region are interested in implementing CMMI, are there companies interested in Automotive SPICE, what Cluster programs look like. 

JASPIC is an organization aimed at promoting the SPI activities in Japan. It was established in October 2000 and the majority of its members are SEPG staff in various companies, CMMI instructors and SCAMPI Lead Appraisers. 

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