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We hope you will like this new way of sharing our fresh news on cybersecurity and the ECHO Project with you! Each month you’ll get cybersecurity news and reviews, as well as informative articles about ECHO, and updates on our upcoming events and news!


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About ECHO


The main objective of ECHO is to strengthen the proactive cyber defence of the European Union, enhancing Europe’s technological sovereignty through effective and efficient multi-sector and multi-domain collaboration. The project will develop a European Cybersecurity ecosystem, to support secure cooperation and development of the European market, as well as to protect the citizens of the European Union against cyber threats and incidents.
Main ECHO concepts:

  • ECHO Governance Model: Management of direction and engagement of  partners (current and future)
  • ECHO Multi-sector assessment framework: Transverse and inter-sector needs assessment and technology R&D roadmaps
  • ECHO Cyber skills Framework and training curriculum: Cyber skills reference model and associated curriculum
  • ECHO Security Certification Scheme: Development of sector-specific security certification needs within the EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework from ENISA
  • ECHO Federated Cyber Range: Advanced cyber simulation environment supporting training, R&D, and certification
  • ECHO Early Warning System: Secured collaborative information sharing of cyber-relevant information


ECHO will develop sector-specific and inter-sector demonstration cases for improving security measures within and among organizations. The testing and validation of innovative technologies, and operational, and decision-making processes enable the identification, specification, and development of inter-sector challenges and opportunities. Enabling the definition and development of relevant inter-sector technology roadmaps.


For more information about the ECHO Project, recent news and latest updates, please visit the official ECHO website here.

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