CMMI curriculum seminar, Romania, May 2006

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ESI Center Bulgaria supports development of modern curricula for software engineering in Bulgarian Universities. In the framework of this program 7 professors were trained in the official SEI-authorized “Introduction to CMMI” course in July 2005. A group of professors was organised with the objective of CMMI® curricula development and implementation in Bulgarian universities. Following the program the next goal was to promote cooperation and experience exchange between Bulgarian and regional universities in the field of modern software engineering methodologies. With this scope ESI Center Bulgaria supported participation of the Bulgarian professors’ group coordinator in the CMMI® curricula development seminar in Sinaia, Romania on the 24-26 May 2006.

The event was organized by the USAID EDS project aimed at supporting CMMI® in Romania. 8 professors from 6 Romanian universities and one Bulgarian university participated in the seminar. Also 4 representatives from different organizations participated in the seminar. Bulgaria was represented by Eliza Stefanova – coordinator of the group of Bulgarian professors and Ivan Deseatnicov from ESI Center Bulgaria. The instructor was Rusty Young, CMMI® Lead Appraiser from Booz Allen Hamilton. 

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