Hands-on Learning

Sharpen Your Kanban Skills Through Hands-on Simulations

Welcome to the world of practical Kanban learning! Here, you’ll find two dynamic simulations designed to immerse you in real-world Kanban scenarios. Through interactive exercises, you’ll gain valuable experience in both project portfolio management and team-level Kanban practices.

These simulations are perfect for:

  • Project managers
  • Team leads
  • Anyone interested in mastering Kanban for improved workflow and efficiency

Get ready to:

  • Experience firsthand: Simulations provide a realistic environment to test your Kanban knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  • Learn by doing: Actively participate in Kanban practices, leading to deeper understanding and retention.
  • Boost collaboration: Work within simulated teams to enhance communication and coordination skills.

Dive deeper into the specific simulations offered below and discover how you can take your Kanban expertise to the next level!

Our courses

Master Kanban for Project Portfolios! This interactive workshop uses a realistic simulation to teach you how to:

  • Streamline project flow across teams
  • Prioritize effectively within a project portfolio
  • Manage work based on team capacity
  • Deliver projects faster and more predictably
  • Boost business value through strategic Kanban practices

Ideal for project managers, PMO teams, and anyone involved in managing multiple projects.

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Master Teamwork with Kanban! This interactive workshop uses a simulation to show you how Kanban can:

  • Deliver products & services faster
  • Reduce stress & improve focus
  • Make plans more reliable & predictable
  • Boost collaboration & customer focus

Ideal for teams of 3-5 (all levels welcome – no Kanban experience needed)!

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Boost Team Workflow with Kanban! This hands-on workshop uses a fun simulation to teach you how Kanban can:

  • Shorten product development lead times
  • Improve team collaboration and communication
  • Make project estimations more realistic

Ideal for team members, project managers, developers, and anyone who wants to work smarter together.

No prior Kanban experience needed!


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