AI and Telepresence


“I can’t define a robot, but I know one when I see one.” – Joseph Engelberger, a pioneer in industrial robotics

With the financial support of the Operational Program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”2007-2013, ESI CEE renewed its infrastructure for applied research in ICT, robotics and education. The added value of the action affects the new trends in the development of the ICT industry and innovation ecosystem in Bulgaria – architecture and programming of intelligent self-managed or semi-autonomous IT systems.
The new infrastructure will contribute to filling in the gaps in IT education with new approaches and new qualification and competence elements.
The equipment and software are suitable for R&D; activities in the areas of:

  • Industrial robotics, machine learning, telepresence or remote education, supportive technology, encouraging STEM education and career path among young population.
  • Different social groups can be included – people with disabilities, graduates and students, people who live and study in remote and mountain areas, ICT professionals and engineers etc.

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