The Advanced European Platform and Network of Cybersecurity Training and Exercises Centres (ACTING) project aims to revolutionize cybersecurity training across Europe. By developing a robust network of advanced, interconnected cyber ranges dedicated to domain-specific scenarios, ACTING is poised to enhance cyber defence capabilities dramatically. This innovative project will integrate sophisticated user simulation techniques, detailed performance analysis, and dynamic scoring systems to evaluate and improve cybersecurity situational awareness across the board.

At the heart of the ACTING project is a commitment to bolster the European Union’s proactive cyber defence training. By fostering effective multi-domain collaboration and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we are setting new standards for cybersecurity excellence.

The ACTING project is a forward-looking 48-month initiative spearheaded by a consortium of 28 entities from 13 EU Member States, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Spain. Supported by six EU Member States, our project is driven to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cyber defence training and exercises.

ESI CEE is one of the Bulgarian partners in the project, where, through our comprehensive approach, we aim to equip European cyber defence operators with the tools and knowledge necessary to stay ahead of emerging threats.

The initiatives within the ACTING Project include:

  • Developing an expansive network of federated, domain-oriented cyber ranges for comprehensive training and rigorous exercises.
  • Implementing advanced simulation tools that create realistic user interactions to challenge and refine the skills of cyber operators.
  • Crafting a specialized language for the development of large-scale, complex training scenarios.
  • Establishing a unified federation of cyber ranges facilitates seamless information exchange and fosters a shared understanding of cybersecurity threats and responses.

Some particular use cases on which ACTING’s cyber ranges for training and exercise focus are:

Multi-Domain Defense. Simulating combined cyber attacks against joint Headquarters (HQ), Land, and Navy Communication and Information Systems (CIS), we assess the impact on strategic planning, logistics, and high-level coordination, highlighting vulnerabilities and testing resilience.

Space-Maritime Security. Focusing on the Space and Maritime sectors, particularly in transportation and military applications, we simulate attacks on satellite systems to evaluate the repercussions on positioning, navigation, and timing systems essential for operational security.

Civilian Sector Impact. Exploring the cascading effects of cyber attacks on IoT systems within the civilian sector, our simulations aim to understand how commercial network breaches can compromise personal and health information, impacting security and privacy.

For more detailed information and updates on our progress, visit the ACTING project website:

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