ESI CEE Celebrates 20 Years of Advancing Eastern Europe’s ICT Industry with Back to the Cyber Future Conference

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Celebrating our Support for Eastern Europe’s ICT industry for More than 20 Years: ESI CEE Hosts’ Back to the Cyber Future Conference

Marking a significant milestone, the Eastern European Software Institute (ESI CEE) is hosting the Back to the Cyber Future Conference to celebrate its 20-year journey in advancing the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry in Eastern Europe. Scheduled to take place at the Cybersecurity Laboratory in Sofia Tech Park on May 22, 2024, this full-day event promises to merge the realms of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) in an unprecedented showcase.

The conference will feature an agenda filled with expert talks, interactive workshops, and ample networking opportunities. Attendees can look forward to engaging in hands-on activities and forming collaborations that could shape the future of cybersecurity and AI.

Highlighting the event will be several keynote speakers renowned in their respective fields:

  • Paul D. Nielsen, Director and CEO of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, will present “AI and Cyber: The Beat Goes On,” offering insights into the dynamic relationship between AI and cybersecurity. His transition from a Major General in the US Air Force to a national policy influencer paints a compelling picture of leadership in technology.
  • Muhammad Azmat of Aston University will tackle the challenges posed by AI-enabled cybercriminals in his talk, “The Innovation Paradox.” His logistics and supply chain management expertise will provide a unique perspective on protecting small businesses from advanced technological threats.
  • Matteo Merialdo, Director of Engineering and Products at Starion Group, will delve into the evolution of cyber range systems in his presentation on hybrid and federated models, aiming to enhance European defence capabilities through advanced training environments.
  • Ana Ayerbe, Digital CORES Area Director at TECNALIA, will discuss the use of AI in bolstering cybersecurity within critical infrastructures, highlighting her pioneering work in securing essential services against cyber threats.
  • Dr Madison Leeson will share innovative digital solutions for protecting global cultural heritage in her talk, “IT and AI for Cultural Heritage Protection,” reflecting her commitment as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Italian Institute of Technology.
  • Teodora Bozheva will explore effective management strategies in turbulent times, drawing from her extensive experience in organizational change.
  • Scott Cadzow will address the translation of complex AI regulations into practical standards, which are crucial for the future of intelligent transportation systems and cybersecurity.

More information about the speakers and their topics is available here.

In addition to these individual presentations, the conference will host a panel discussion on CYBRID Warfare, exploring whether it is merely a theoretical concept or the new security reality.

The celebration will culminate in the 20 Years ESI CEE: Orbiting Ales Rocket Science Party at the Earth and Man National Museum, where attendees will toast the past achievements and future ambitions of ESI CEE.

Participation in both events is free, but registration is mandatory here.

This conference marks a significant anniversary for ESI CEE, and we would like to celebrate it by providing our partners, colleagues and friends with a platform for discussion and innovation at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity and business processes in the face of change and adversity.

Registration is now open. More information can be found here.

Join us as we look back to move forward, shaping the future of technology and security in Eastern Europe and beyond.

Add the ESICEE Conference Back to the Cyber Future (20 Years ESI Center) to your calendar here.

Add the 20 Years ESI CEE Orbiting Ales Rocket Science Party to your calendar here.

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