Lamp Security Configuration


The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack is a cornerstone of web development, but its power comes with security considerations. This course dives deep into securing your LAMP environment, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to configure it for optimal protection.

Course Objectives

  • Comprehensive Security Configuration: Learn best practices for securing each component of the LAMP stack, from Linux to PHP.
  • Understanding the Security Model: Gain insights into the inherent security mechanisms within the LAMP stack and how to leverage them effectively.
  • Essential Tools and Techniques: Master the standard tools and techniques used to manage and maintain LAMP security.

Course Structure

This intensive course combines theoretical knowledge with practical application:

  • In-depth Security Analysis:
    • Linux Security Configuration: Understand the Linux security model, SELinux, and host hardening practices.
    • Apache Security Configuration: Learn how to secure Apache using HTTP security headers, configuration files, and .htaccess.
    • MySQL Security Configuration: Discover data encryption techniques and secure client-server communication methods.
    • PHP Security Configuration: Master essential PHP security settings.
  • Interactive Exercises: Solidify your learnings through hands-on practice in a dedicated online environment for one week after the course.
  • DevOps and Continuous Deployment: (Optional) Explore how to automate deployment exercises within the LAMP stack (requires additional Vagrant installation).

Ideal for

This course is ideal for DevOps professionals, System Administrators, and Full-stack developers with operations experience who want to strengthen their LAMP security expertise.


  • Web technologies knowledge (HTTP, TCP, etc.)
  • System administration experience with LAMP

Participants should bring a laptop/notebook device:

  • With a 64-bit OS, virtualization enabled (VT-x), and VirtualBox installed.
  • Vagrant installation required for the DevOps/Continuous Deployment track.


Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a certificate from ESI CEE.

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