Cyber Resilience Consultancy

What is “Resilience”?

Cyber resilience refers to an organization’s ability to withstand and recover from disruptive events, including cyberattacks, natural disasters, or other operational disruptions. It requires a proactive approach that integrates security, business continuity, and IT operations into a cohesive strategy.

The CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM)

The CERT-RMM provides a comprehensive framework for building organizational resilience. This maturity model helps organizations:

  • Assess their current capabilities: Identify strengths and weaknesses in their resilience posture.
  • Set improvement goals: Define clear objectives for enhancing resilience.
  • Develop action plans: Implement strategies to address identified gaps and improve overall resilience.

Benefits of CERT-RMM

  • Mature and predictable performance: Respond to disruptive events with established procedures and minimal disruption.
  • Converged approach: Integrates security, business continuity, and IT operations for a holistic view.
  • Reduced risk: Proactively mitigates potential threats and minimizes the impact of disruptions.

Our Services

  • Planning: We guide you through the initial stages of implementing CERT-RMM, including gap analysis and goal setting.
  • Implementation: We assist with integrating CERT-RMM principles into your existing processes and workflows.
  • Assessment: We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate your current resilience maturity level and identify areas for improvement.

RMM Appraisals

We offer accredited RMM appraisals, recognized by CERT/SEI (Carnegie Mellon University), in two levels:

  • Class C (light): A high-level overview of your organization’s resilience posture.
  • Class B: A more in-depth assessment with detailed recommendations for improvement.

Additional Scoping Options

We can tailor our RMM appraisals to specific sectors, such as:

  • Finance & Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Public Services
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Corporate
  • Startups

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