Attack Surface Scan

The Hidden Dangers of a Large Attack Surface

Many organizations ignore the size of their cyber footprint – a typical organization has multiple Web services, often spread over several data centers and/or cloud providers, public-facing networks, VPNs, email server(s), company accounts in social networks, ad networks and other external services.

Managing this Web presence is not a trivial task, and attackers often utilize such soft targets to either gather more internal information about the company or to launch a further attack with increased privileges – examples are ripe, including companies as big as HBO, and AP.

CyResLab’s Attack Surface Scan: Uncovering Your Vulnerabilities

The CyResLab team presents a service designed to address the challenges of managing Web presence. The service attempts to map all publicly identifiable Internet resources, tied to the organization:

  • Domain names, subdomains, hosts
  • Websites, Web Services and Virtual Hosts
  • Social media and external services company-related accounts
  • Publicly available information about the company
  • IP ranges, open ports, network services, etc.
  • Any publicly discoverable personal information related to the company.

The client receives a report, listing all mapped entities, along with technical recommendations where applicable for reducing the attack surface and/or risks associated with the attack vector. CyResLab can also provide further assistance in reducing the attack surface and mitigating attack vectors.

Service includes

  • Automated proprietary & open-source tools
  • Manual testing up to 15 hours by CyResLab researchers

Ideal for

All clients that want to evaluate their general cybersecurity posture.


Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a certificate from ESI CEE.

Enroll today and empower yourself to build secure and resilient systems!

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