Cyber Resilience


ESI CEE, a long-time partner of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and its CERT division (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, the CMMI Institute, and many others, is dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity posture of organizations. In 2013, we created CyResLab to bolster the competitiveness of digital enterprises and the resilience of digital ecosystems. We achieve this by providing a comprehensive range of resources and services designed to improve IT, software, and information security.

Our Expertise

The CyResLab team possesses in-depth knowledge across various information security domains, including cryptography, secure architectures, secure software development, threat modeling, and more. We have extensive real-world experience securing heterogeneous technologies and complex IT systems. This encompasses endpoint security (Linux, Android, Windows), server security (Linux), application security (PHP, .NET, JavaScript), cryptography (Homomorphic encryption, Searchable encryption, etc.), and a vast array of other security solutions.

We champion a holistic approach to security, encompassing both the cyber and physical domains. Our methodology is grounded in industry and government-recognized systematic approaches like the Resilience Management Model (RMM), the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and their extension for critical infrastructure – Cyber Resilience Review (CRR).

Our Strengths

  • Web Security
  • Cloud Security (AWS, OpenStack)
  • Secure DevOps (SecDevOps)
  • Linux Server Hardening
  • Practical Cryptography in Software Development and Operations
  • Mobile Application Security (iOS, Android)
  • Secure Application Design

Our Experience

CyResLab boasts a successful track record of completed projects (limited further information available upon request). These projects encompass:

  • A security solution for ICS/SCADA systems used in oil platforms, safeguarding critical infrastructure.
  • IT security monitoring and improvement services for insurance and non-banking fintech companies, mitigating financial risks.
  • International cyber shockwave exercises in the energy domain, enhancing industry preparedness for large-scale cyberattacks.

Our Research Focus

Our research endeavors delve into critical areas of cybersecurity:

  • Systems of Systems – We investigate the cyber-dependencies of various architectures, interoperability levels, and vulnerability models of interconnected systems and processes.
  • ICS (SCADA), ERP Security – We classify different types of vulnerabilities and threats specific to these industrial control and enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Cybersecurity and Secure Applications of Blockchain Technologies – We explore the potential of blockchain for enhancing cybersecurity and developing secure applications.

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