Kanban Project Portfolio Simulation

What are the Learning Objectives?

By applying Kanban and flow practices, the participants in this workshop will be able to explain how to achieve:

  • Smooth workflow of projects synchronized among various functional teams
  • Defining priorities within a project portfolio
  • Managing project work based on team capacity
  • Reduce project lead time
  • Improve project predictability
  • Increase the value delivered through completed projects
  • Strengthen purpose-driven culture and cooperation between business units
Price per five-hour team session 3450 BGN (1763 Euro) VAT not included.

Book at ivo@nullesicenter.bg or +359888919088 .

How does It Work?

This simulation facilitates comprehensive and realistic experimental learning among a group of 4-12 participants. The participants are organized in a Project Management Office (PMO) and three functional teams producing and delivering features for multiple projects.

A typical simulation starts with Project Managers aiming to utilize the capacity of the teams as much as possible for completing their projects. Although the three Kanban teams are efficient and effective on a micro level, they do not always produce the most valuable (for the project) features, which results in bottlenecks and workflow inefficiencies on the organization level. While discussing the workflow and KPIs on the system level, experienced facilitators guide the participants to introduce essential Kanban project management practices for the PMO. The participants practice using flow-related data to make decisions related to scheduling multiple project work to increase the business outcomes on the organizational (project portfolio) level. As a result, the PMO and Kanban teams focus on delivering outcomes on an organizational level that help them increase the delivered project results by 60% – 110%.

The teams run the simulation on a fully operational software, the leading Kanban platform Kanbanize. As a result of the simulation, the participants discover how Kanban can support project and portfolio management, and they are curious to learn in-depth Kanban practices.

Who Should Participate?

The workshop is beneficial for various roles in the organization, such as high-level managers, PMO directors and members, project managers, product owners, senior process improvement leads/consultants, organizational change agents, and any other PM-related role. Previous participation in the Team Kanban Simulation is not required but is highly recommended.

What is the Simulation Format?

  • At least two experience Kanban professionals, coaches, or consultants lead the simulation and answer the participants’ questions.
  • Four to twelve participants play as project managers, product owners, and kanban team members.
  • In four hours, the participants play between 16 and 30 simulation days, conducting three to six review meetings. 
  • In two extended review meetings, experienced Kanban coaches facilitate in-depth discussions about applying Kanban and workflow practices on project and portfolio levels. 

The Facilitator

Ivaylo Gueorguiev, an Accredited Kanban Trainer and Accredited Kanban Consultant @ Kanban University will deliver the session. Ivaylo is an agile coach, trainer, and process improvement professional with 20  years of experience working with international software development companies, Fintechs, and banks to get better projects, products, and business results through agile practices and effective processes.

Find more info at https://www.linkedin.com/in/agile-coach-and-trainer/ .

Ivaylo Gueorguiev, AKC|AKT, and Violeta Kyurdyan, KMP, developed the simulation, and Teodora Bozheva, AKC| AKT significantly contributed to the development of the simulation scenarios. Thank you to the Kanbanize team for their contribution and support!  

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