Agile Transformation & Coaching

In today’s fast-paced environment, delivering value quickly and efficiently is crucial. Agile methodologies address this need by relying on cross-functional teams, small batches of work, and rapid feedback cycles. This approach facilitates collaboration among experts and teams, enabling them to deliver value to the end customer frequently.

Successful Agile transformation requires a solid understanding of the underlying principles, frameworks, and practices, along with a strong commitment from all stakeholders. By its nature, Agile is an empirical approach that relies heavily on learning and adapting through experience. In other words, “If you want to learn Agile, you should start practising Agile.”

Therefore, we propose an Agile approach to execute your Agile transformation initiative. Here are the key principles that will guide our program:

  • Prioritization and Value Delivery: All activities will be prioritized, planned, monitored, and controlled to deliver maximum value. The business value of the program will be delivered to the teams and the organization as a whole as early and frequently as possible.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: We’ll learn from our experience throughout the initiative and adapt our activities and tasks accordingly.
  • Collaboration and Transparency: Leaders, managers, and team members will work together daily throughout the initiative.
  • Sustainability: Our goal is not just to implement Agile, but to equip your teams with the tools and knowledge to sustain progress over time.

Our approach is specifically designed to facilitate smooth Agile adoption. Participants will learn and adapt the Agile framework through practical workshops and real-world examples. We incorporate methods proven to deliver customer value, adapt existing good management practices that support Agile implementation, and utilize Agile techniques to identify and address obstacles. Additionally, we can leverage historical information to establish measurement and analysis baselines where applicable.


ESI CEE offers a range of services to help you achieve your Agile goals, including:

  • Creation and coaching of new Agile teams (Scrum or Kanban)
  • Inspection and adaptation of existing Agile practices to improve team performance (Scrum or Kanban)
  • Project transformation from Waterfall to Agile (Scrum or Kanban)
  • Kanban maturity assessment
  • Assessment of organizational culture and values

Please contact us to discuss a proposal that meets your specific needs.

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