Introduction to Agile for Managers and Key Experts (Scrum or Kanban)

Primary Goal

This hands-on workshop equips managers and key experts with a solid understanding of Agile methodologies, focusing on practical application and the role of leadership in successful Agile implementation.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Grasp Agile Principles: Gain a clear understanding of the core principles and values that underpin Agile methodologies.
  • Explore Popular Frameworks: Delve into either Scrum or Kanban, two widely adopted Agile frameworks, and their respective functionalities.
  • Experience Agile Through Simulation: Participate in engaging game simulations to gain practical experience with Agile processes.
  • Learn from Real-World Examples: Benefit from the trainer’s experience in initiating, leading, and consulting Agile programs in software-intensive organizations.

Course Overview:

  • Discussing Agile principles
  • Organizational view of Agile 
  • Basic simulation of an Agile project/process

      One of the framework-specific modules: 

  • Get the best value from product development with Scrum
    • Scrum in a nutshell
    • Scrum Framework 
    • Organize Scrum teams 
    • Make use of Scrum


  • Achieve (high) agile maturity with Kanban
    • Kanban in a nutshell
    • Kanban method
    • Evolve organizational maturity with Kanban
    • Make use of Kanban 
  • Role of management 
  • Common misunderstanding
  • Combining Agile methods and frameworks Scrum with Kanban

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants can interpret Agile principles
  • Participants can explain Scrum or Kanban as an Agile method
  • Participants can effectively work in established Scrum teams as development team members
  • Participants develop a positive attitude to the Agile way of working
  • A lot of fun 🙂
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