Agile Methods Executive Workshop


This 3-hour interactive workshop is specifically designed for high-level managers and executives to gain a comprehensive understanding of Agile methodologies and their practical application within their organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Value of Agile: Learn how Agile principles can enhance organizational performance, improve risk management, and drive strategic execution.
  • Making Agile Decisions: Develop an “Agile decision filter” to effectively assess and prioritize initiatives within an Agile framework.
  • Implementing Agile Frameworks: Explore the two most popular frameworks, Scrum and Kanban, and gain insights into their practical implementation for product development and organizational maturity.

Indicative Agenda

  • Make Agile Decisions:
    • Introduction to Agile methods
    • Core Agile principles
    • Applying an Agile decision filter
    • Translating enterprise strategy into actionable Agile initiatives
  • Get the best value from product development with Scrum:
    • Scrum framework overview
    • Building effective Scrum teams
    • Practical implementation of Scrum practices
  • Achieve (high) agile maturity with Kanban:
    • Kanban method overview
    • Evolving organizational maturity through Kanban
    • Utilizing Kanban principles for continuous improvement
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